When you invest in a home, you’re committing to a future of improvement projects and repairs. If you’ve just started your journey as a homeowner, you’ll need a tool kit for home maintenance. Start out with a small tool kit and gradually add to it over time. You can fix some issues in your house with a few basic hand tools for homeowners.

Here are a few essential tools every homeowner should have in their toolbox.

1. Screwdrivers are Necessary Tools for Homeowners

Screwdrivers are simple and versatile enough to tackle a variety of projects around the house. Installing light switch covers, tightening cabinet hardware, and even opening a paint can lid are all possible with a screwdriver. A screwdriver set includes tools of different types and sizes for all of your home maintenance needs.

2. Tape Measure

With a tape measure, you can measure for projects that require precision and accuracy. Installing window treatments, hanging shelves, and measuring for painting projects are just a few tasks you need a tape measure for. Plus, a retractable tape measure is small, compact, and easy to pack into a tool kit when not in use.

3. Hammer

A standard smooth-faced claw hammer is a practical and long-lasting addition to your collection of basic hand tools for homeowners. You can use a hammer to hang pictures or drive a nail for any other reason. Plus, the claw feature is helpful for removing unwanted or crooked nails from your walls.

4. Adjustable Wrench

Although you may not use an adjustable wrench as often as a hammer or screwdrivers, it comes in handy in some situations. Adjustable wrenches are helpful for tightening and loosening things around your house, like plumbing fixtures, appliances, light fixtures, and furniture.

5. Cordless Drill

Cordless drills take a lot of the work out of projects that require screwing or bolting things together. Instead of using a hand-held screwdriver, a cordless drill does the same job with speed and ease. Installing cabinet hardware, changing doorknobs, and mounting a TV to the wall are all much easier with a cordless drill. You’ll have a wider range of motion and be able to work in areas that don’t have easy access to a wall outlet with a cordless drill.

6. Essential Tools for Homeowners Include a Level

It’s impossible to install perfectly level shelving without a level. You can hold your leveling tool up to the wall or place it on top of a flat surface so it’s parallel to the floor. This simple tool will save you a lot of time by helping you get the job done right the first time.

Basic Hand Tools for Homeowners

Every homeowner needs hand tools for doing projects around the house. Most projects and repairs can be done with just a few basic hand tools. Whether you’re hanging a painting, securing cabinet pulls, or assembling furniture, you can make the job easier with these six tools.

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