Thanksgiving is a big part of the festivities that close out the year. People get together with loved ones and enjoy visiting over a delicious meal. Unfortunately, there are a few common accidents that happen at Thanksgiving time. These four Thanksgiving safety tips can keep an accident from ruining your gathering with family and friends.

Thanksgiving Safety Tips for Careful Cooking

Thanksgiving Day is focused on the big meal, which means the kitchen stays busy all day. Make sure kids stay away from hot pots of food and position handles where nobody will bump into them and get scalded. With the noise of conversation, cooking activities, and football on TV, it might be hard to hear the timer go off. Make sure someone stays in the kitchen at all times to monitor the cooking.

Deep-frying the turkey has become a popular practice on Thanksgiving. The great flavor is hard to beat, but improper use of the outdoor fryer can cause a fire and serious burns from hot oil. Make sure the turkey is completely thawed before frying it. Keep the oil at the right level to prevent overflowing, and always lower the turkey into the oil slowly. Set up the entire operation a safe distance from people and buildings.

Keep Flammable Items Away from Burners

Most kitchens get very crowded at Thanksgiving with several cooks hard at work and limited counter space. When space starts to run short, flammable items can end up being placed too close to hot burners.

Thanksgiving safety tips include keeping napkins, paper towels, pot holders, and other combustible items away from ranges and ovens. If necessary, set up extra tables as overflow space to use when the counters are full.

Thanksgiving Safety Tips for Clothing

Everyone who works in the kitchen should take care to avoid big sleeves and baggy tops that can easily come into contact with burners or containers of hot food. Keep long hair pulled back and apron strings tied while working in the kitchen.

Be Prepared to React

No matter what you do to prevent an accident, something bad may still happen. One of the best Thanksgiving safety tips is to be prepared to react to an emergency. Have a first aid kit handy for cuts, scrapes, and burns. Be sure that anyone with chronic conditions like diabetes or food allergies has their medications on hand and within easy reach.

Keep fire extinguishers easily accessible wherever you are cooking, whether in the kitchen or outside frying the turkey. Check smoke detectors throughout the house and make sure that doorways aren’t obstructed by furniture, piles of shoes, purses, or other items brought in by guests.

Thanksgiving is the time to make memories with family and friends. Amidst all of the activity, there are some safety concerns that you should keep in mind. Review these Thanksgiving safety tips as part of your holiday preparations.

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