Trees are an important part of your landscaping, providing color and shade to your lawn. Learn how to care for the trees around your home to encourage healthy and strong growth.

Get to Know the Trees on Your Property

To better care for the trees around your home, get to know them. Periodically walk your property with the intention of getting familiar with the trees. Over time, you will be able to spot irregularities that may be a clue that something’s wrong.

Protect the Base

The bark on the trees protects the wood from damage and disease. A thick layer of mulch spread around the base, about two to three inches, will give the tree added protection and help slow weed growth.

Care for the Trees Around Your Home With Proper Trimming

While trimming the branches isn’t always required to care for the trees around your home, it is sometimes necessary. Trim dead or dying branches to prevent damage later. You may also need to prune trees if the branches grow over sidewalks or driveways, or are too close to your home.

Only Water Trees if Needed

Trees are designed to be self-sufficient. Their root systems are usually two to three times as large as the tree itself. The branches and leaves extend out, creating a shaded area around the base of the tree. The shade keeps the ground moist to allow more time for the tree’s roots to absorb the water. It’s a delicate balance. Except in cases of drought, or when dealing with young trees, you shouldn’t need to water or fertilize the trees on your property.

To Care for the Trees Around Your Home Avoid Digging Nearby

Take better care of your trees by not digging too close to them. Their intricate root systems stretch far beyond the tree and shouldn’t be disturbed.

Be Careful With Lawn Equipment

To care for the trees around your home, you’ll only need minimal landscaping. Mulching around the base of the tree is enough. Be careful with lawnmowers and lawn edging equipment. Tools can tear at the tree’s bark, causing serious damage to the health of the tree.


Having some knowledge of tree diseases in your area is another way to care for the trees around your home. Learn to look for problems and signs of disease or other stresses on your trees. You can treat most issues before widespread damage occurs.

Trees are one of the easiest things to maintain on your property. Properly cared for they will provide shade and beauty for years.

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